The Angelo Hotel is located in Tolo in Argolis, a region of the Peloponnese peninsula. The area is known for the Argolic plain with its orange and tangerine and artichoke trees, as well as for its many archaeological monuments and its enchanting beaches.
The area of Argolis is beautiful every season of the year. The streets are lined with orange and lemon trees and depending on the time of year the scent of flowers fills the air or the fruits on the trees are ready for harvest.


The area of Argolis very close to Athens (1.5 h) is a very good choice for a break for Athenians on the weekends but also for foreign tourists all year round and more specifically Tolo. The location of Tolu is also quite advantageous for a one-day excursion.
Argolis has a rich history and bears the marks of many conquerors who built many ancient fortresses such as Ancient Asini, ancient Tyryntha (15 minutes by car) and the castles of Nafplion (10 minutes by car) for us to imagine what happened in ancient times.

Kastraki and the ancient Asini are located on the cape at the end of the long beach of Tolo, just a few minutes walk from the Angelo Hotel. The area of Tolo is surrounded by small mountains that make the climate of the area sweeter than other areas of Argolis. as a result, the visitor can sit outside most of the time and enjoy his breakfast. In the summer months the climate is dry and hot while in the winter it is a little rainy. Visit Tolo any time you want, depending on your preferences and lie on the beach or travel to the unique archaeological sites of the area.