St. Konstantinos and Helen
The holy church of St. Konstantinou and Ag. Elenis is the central and largest church in Tolo. The parish is open every Sunday morning, on all Orthodox holidays as well as the sacraments of marriage, baptism and funeral. The church was completed on … but was inaugurated with a solemn ceremony on 2 days 13-14.03.2014. The architecture is basilican with a dome and the decoration is rich in wall paintings and images, many of which are heirlooms of local families brought from Crete, the special homeland of the Tolians. The bell tower in the forecourt of the church is of unique beauty and architecture.


Holy Sunday of Tolo
The famous church of Agia Kyriaki in Tolo is built on a beautiful spot on the hill and its distance from the center of Tolo is only 5 minutes. It has a magnificent view towards the bay of Tolos, with the islets of Romvi and Koronisi dominating, which literally takes your breath away. The beautiful and particularly well-kept chapel is the ideal location for those looking for a romantic place to join their lives or hold their child’s baptism. There is road access and parking for several cars around the churchyard.

The third beautiful island located opposite Tolo, with the church of the Holy Apostles, where weddings and baptisms are held for romantics.


Rhombus or island of Aphrodite
Romvi or Aphrodite’s island: One of the other two islands that adorn the bay of Tolos, where there are parts and walls of a medieval castle, as well as scattered Venetian ruins of naustham, other buildings and houses.


Port of Tolo
Tolo is a small former fishing village. At the edge of the village is a safe harbour, which is a haven for many fishing boats. Excursion boats depart for cruises to Hydra and Spetses as well as the small islands that are scattered in the bay of Tolo.
Very useful for boat owners is the existence of the slipway, which makes it possible to tow and launch small boats into the sea.
The open public parking near the harbor serves many of the village’s visitors.